The Idean Technology Radar

What are the technologies, tools and techniques relevant to how we build, ship and scale world-class digital products?

Our London engineering team has categorised our relevant technologies into four groups: tools, techniques, platforms and data, and languages and frameworks. Each technology is then assessed on its current usage and stage of adoption within our work.

2021 edition

How do we categorise each technology?

  • Using

    These are technologies that we’re confident will serve our needs and the experiences we build. They’re used consistently for projects in production, are typically seen as low risk, and would currently be recommended for adoption on new projects, depending on specific needs.
  • Trialling

    This group is for technologies that we’ve started adopting or are successfully using in project work at less scale, while still building our experience. They may be slightly newer or require internal discussion to establish suitability based on specific needs.
  • Assessing

    These are technologies that we've identified as promising and have potential value-add for us and clients we partner with. Sometimes they’re fairly mature but we don’t have as much experience with them. Our engineering team will focus on investigating and prototyping these technologies to see how they might fit our future strategy.
  • Avoiding

    Here are technologies that we’re no longer using, not recommending for new projects or those that we’ve paused further assessment on. They may still be in use on some longer running or legacy codebases, assuming they pose no additional risk.

What's the purpose of a tech radar?

The Tech radar allows our engineering team to align on technology choices and practices across projects so we can build, ship and scale the best possible products and services.

We use it to highlight important changes in technologies and to share our knowledge and experience with our partners. If you’re inspired to create your own radar, we can work with you to co-develop a framework that’s relevant to your needs.

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Gareth Scrivens

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Mark Howard

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